"View folder only" right

We are planning shared folders (app folders) for about 50 applications. The folder structure could be as simple as AppA/FolderX and AppB/FolderX. Users can be authorized for several apps.

Let’s say we want to authorize a user to edit files in each FolderX. We can share both folders and users see “FolderX” twice in their box. I guess via API it would be possible, to address both folders individually, but we want to make the apps available via box web interface, too. What we really want is to show users the full AppA and AppB folder structure in the web interface without any files that are stored in other folders than FolderX.

What we can do is to additionally authorize users to view AppA and AppB. The full directory structure is then visible in the user interface so he users can see if the displayed FolderX belong to AppA and AppB. But users will also be allowed to view files outside FolderX.

If we could share AppA with the privilege to “only view folders”, then that would help. I am probably missing something. Maybe it is the wrong idea to use shared folders for individual applications from the start?